Empire is a professional workspace established in 2018 and designed primarily to accommodate people with different business purposes to work efficiently and productively.

Our premises are fully equipped with the latest technology that helps our clients to manage their businesses.


Empire is offering

  • Office space
  • Training rooms
  • Workspace


why choose ETE?

why ETE?

  • Our professional and support teams are always ready to assist you.
  • We have a variety of luxury equipped spaces.
  • The outdoor facility, "landscape area," allows for extra activities and recreational breaks.
  • We help you to organize your business easily and efficiently.
  • Start and grow your business with safety.
  • We apply the highest quality standards.


Outdoor Area

A landscape of 1500 meters is designed to suit our customers' outdoor activities and needs, such as coffee breaks, events, students' activities, and various workshops.

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