Empire Training & Education

ETE is an innovative institute that provides different learning opportunities through business training and language proficiency courses. We also offer unique sets of training, education and development programs.

We also have an integrated service for learners and business community under one roof. We develop educational and personal skills through the largest pool of trainers, consultants, and experts with the latest training methodologies to support individuals and corporates to keep up with the global market requirements.

With the possibility of designing tailored programs according to the clients’ organizational needs, Empire is seeking to provide customized training that qualifies the trainees to be highly competent in their business fields.

That’s not all, we also offer a room reservation service which can be used in a multitude of ways like training, workshops or seminars as well as plenty of other uses.

why choose ETE?

why ETE?

  • Our educators and services’ providers are highly qualified professionals in their fields.
  • We are customizing the training toolkit to be according to TNA not ready-made, one size fits all training.
  • We have special offers and discounts for students and groups.
  • We offer flexible installment plans for corporates and/or institutions.
  • We offer discounts on refreshment sessions for our students who attended any course and wish for follow up services.
  • The outdoor facility “Landscape area” which allows for extra activities and recreational breaks.

Outdoor Area

Our comfortable open area can host cultural events, art exhibitions, and educational purposes. The 1500 square meters outdoor area with its enjoyable and inviting decoration offers a distinctive experience with a variety of possibilities.

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