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  • Empire Training & Education (ETE) is an innovative institute that provides different learning opportunities through business training and language proficiency courses and certificates. We also have an integrated service for learners and business community under one roof.
  • We offer rooms’ rental for training and meetings for companies also we provide in-house courses.
  • Our facilities are what make our rooms ideal for your business; they are completely adaptable for all types of multimedia presentations as they are supplied with the best technology of projectors and sound systems.
  • Our rooms come in variety of sizes and quality furnishings, air-conditioning, high speed internet and catering that is available upon request. That’s not all; our comfortable open area can host cultural events, arts exhibitions, and educational fairs.
  • All your requirements will be met to ensure the best experience. We provide you with world class facilities to help you leave a good impression to your clients and to achieve repeat business.
  • We are looking forward to inspiring innovation, creating better learning opportunities and enlighten minds in Egypt.

Our Vision

  • Empire Training & Education (ETE) institute provides innovative, effective and internationally recognized educational programs for students and training programs for Fresh graduates and professionals who wants to develop their skills in order to help them get the best employment opportunities for the Egyptian and global labor market.

Our Mission

  • To prepare and empower students and professionals for the workforce in Egypt and globally by providing top quality education and training programs that enable them to maximize their career opportunities and academic pathways.